(Artemesia vulgaris)
EyebrightFamily: Asteraceae
Parts used: Leaf, root 



Actions: Bitter tonic, stimulant, nervine tonic, emmenagogue

TCM: (Xiao Mi Cao)

Meridians: Lungs, Liver 

Key TCM Actions & Medicinal Uses: Clears Heat, Resolves Toxins, Stops Urination, Restores the Eyes

Febrile diseases with thirst, coughs, swollen throat, mouth sores, swollen abscesses, urinary stones, pus in the urine, swollen eyes, conjunctivitis, red irritated eyes, cloudy eyes.

Medicinal Uses:

Whenever digestive issues are indicated. Supports digestion not only through bitter stimulation but also through carminative actions due to its volatile oils. It also has a mild nervine action - related to volatile oils - that may ease depression and tension. It is essential that volatile oils are not lost during preparation. 

May also be used as an emmenagogue to promote normal menstrual flow.  

Nutrients/Constituents: Volatile oils, sesquiterpene lactones (vulgarin); flavonoids; coumarin derivatives; triterpenes

Energetics: Bitter, acrid, warm

Safety/Contraindications: Potentially allergenic to people allergic to the asteraceae family. Not for long term use