About Us

Discount Health Foods has been serving the South Florida community for over 40 years. As a family owned business we continue the legacy of this old fashioned neighborhood health store by remaining a resource for positive health and wellness habits through providing quality products, encouraging self education and advocacy.














 The man behind the business. Ethans passion for wellness began with his 20+ years of Traditional Martial Arts. As an instructor he guides his students towards understanding the mind and body as multiple systems that work together. Beyond his knowledge of herbs and nutrition, he incorporates various practices to help maintain good health and wellness. 



As our very own in house wellness consultant, Myriame works with customers one on one through their wellness journey. She is a certified nutrition counselor and family herbalist with a concentration in mental health and womb wellness. 


Elton & Winsome

This is a family affair and team work truly makes the dream work.
You may see Elton around helping customers or building new shelving. He is a professional craftsman by trade and has a skilled green thumb. From fruit trees to herbs, Elton has guided many seeds to flourish.
Winsome is one of the bright smiles you'll see behind the counter. Professionally, as a master tax advisor, she has lead many to organize their finances and reach their goals. Whether you are starting a new health journey or working on leveling up your financial well being, Winsome will be there cheering you on.