Black Castor Oil

Black Castor Oil

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New to natural products shelves, but known around the world, Heritage Store® once again sets the superior standard for pure castor oil. Discover the rich black oil that everyone is talking about for good hair and skin.

• Nourishes dry skin and scalp to condition supple softness

• Promotes shiny, healthy hair and eyebrows

• Helps strengthen elasticity to make hair less prone to damage or breakage

• Enhances moisture and healthy scalp in hot oil treatments

• Helps smooth the appearance of uneven and discolored skin

• Softens cuticles, calluses and dry areas

• Warming massage oil assists joints, muscles and skin 

The Black Castor Oil legacy: Generations have trusted Heritage Store® for Palma Christi, pure cold-pressed Castor Oil. We now offer Black Castor Oil, created by the traditional African and Egyptian method of roasting, boiling castor beans, then cold pressing to extract the rich, dark (black) oil.  

The castor bean plant is an environmentally friendly crop, which can support economic growth in disadvantaged regions. It can grow in poor soil where other crops may not be able to flourish, and it needs no watering. We work with agribusiness development in Haiti, to help this country rebuild a self sufficient economy. The small batch method is ideal for micro collaboration and cooperative communities to grow and thrive.

 Used throughout our beautiful planet for over four millennia, the unique character of ricinoleic fatty acid, with naturally occurring ash from roasting, helps to smooth and soothe healthy skin. Today black castor oil is especially favored by those prone to dry or brittle hair damaged by harsh treatment, breakage, split ends, relaxers, color treatment, as well as those growing luscious length.

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil

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