BP Reducer

BP Reducer

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BP Reducer XP is an effective Chinese Medicinal Blood Pressure preparation that for over 5 decades has been used worldwide by holistic and naturopathic healthcare practitioners in Asia, Europe and the America’s. This easy-to-dissolve uncoated version gives you all the benefits of the new and improved formula along with the quick dissolving and instant assimilation of this Chinese formula.

The formula provides a safe, easy way to assist your body maintain blood pressure within normal ranges. Developed from a blend of proprietary Chinese herbs and roots, the Chinese understand the unique blending of the roots, stem and flowers of medicinal plant and how they relate to the total body and good health. – 100 Tablets

BP Reducer helps to:

  • Dilate the blood vessels and increase blood circulation.
  • Maintain a lower level of blood pressure continuously when it is taken on a regular basis.
  • Support the strengthening and the relaxation of the heart.
  • Support circulation.
  • Improve rest and sleep patterns.
  • Effectively regulate the pulse rate and strengthen the heart.
  • Improve rest/sleep for those with rest and sleep disorders.
  • 1-2 Tablets Before Bed May Improve Sleep Patterns
Supplements Facts
Serving Size:  1
Servings Per Container: 100
Amount Per Serving Amt %DV
Proprietary Blend *
  Honeysuckle Flower
Tienchi Ginseng
  Ficus Bengalensis
  Gufla-Percha Tree Bark
  Kudzu Root

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