Caraway Seed

Caraway Seed

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Warming and aromatic, caraway is often used as a spice in culinary dishes and baking recipes. It is especially popular in rye breads, cabbage dishes, and pickles, but it can also be found in teas and liqueurs, imparting a distinctive flavor. Carum carvi is a common ingredient in Indian, Dutch, German, Russian, and Scandinavian cooking. Caraway seeds can be used whole or freshly ground before use.

The warming and aromatic "seeds" of the caraway plant are used to give a distinctive flavor to rye bread, cabbage, soups, pickles, teas, liqueurs, and spirits. Caraway is said to have been used in Europe longer than any other condiment. A more aromatic and bitter alternative to cumin, caraway is key to Indian, Dutch, German, Russian, and Scandinavian cooking. Although it has an affinity to cooked cabbage and coleslaw, a little ground caraway added at the end of cooking (to avoid bitterness) will add a pleasant and unexpected taste to both sweets and savories.

Carum carvi is a member of the Apiaceae family and is also referred to as Krishna jiraka.

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