Essiac A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy

Essiac A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy

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This book gives a complete account of the recipe, the doses and of Essiac's uses now available through health food stores. Tells of experience of patients who have attained relief or regeneration from this remarkable herbal preparation.

Do want the same cancer cure John F. Kennedys personal physician used to completely cure his own cancer?

This book is a compilation of research, data and testimonials about Essiac the herbal based formula who have helped thousands attain relief and regeneration from cancer. You will learn how to safely navigate the preparation, doses and uses of Essiac. Included is the history and development of this ancient healing remedy.

The originator of the formula desired that the people who need help would get it without interference from any medical establishment. She treated thousands of people with this formula with an 80% recovery rate.

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