Super Kidney Cleanse
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Super Kidney Cleanse

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Healthy kidneys filter approximately 200 quarts of blood every day and releases about 2 quarts of waste (in the form of urine) daily. With all this work the kidneys are doing, you will want to keep them healthy and happy. It's important to keep kidney functions at their best because they are responsible for removing impurities from the body, regulating blood pressure, and maintaining hormone balance.

Our special formula contains Uva-Ursi and Nettle Leaf to help support a healthy urinary tract that is important for optimal kidney function.* We added Buchu leaves that are thought to help with blood vessel health (blood flow to the kidneys is very important in the cleansing process).* Astaxathin is also added as an antioxidant to help fight off free radicals* and helps protect your kidney cells (Free radicals can cause trouble in the body when they react with healthy cells). 

Super Kidney Cleanse also contains turmeric, which helps protect the kidney cells. Combined, these herbs and vitamins (vitamin B6 and vitamin B12) work together to assist with normal kidney functions and effective elimination.*

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