Vegan Ginger Chicken

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Ginger and basil come together over this sensational vegan chicken.


Prepared with a tinge of sweetness, our Vegan Ginger Chicken is perfect by itself or over a garden salad. Tastefully flavored with basil and ginger, our chicken is a mouth-watering alternative for those who follow a healthy lifestyle.

10.5 Oz contains 4 servings per container 


Textured soybean protein (soybean protein, wheat starch, wheat protein, soybean oil), water, soybean protein, soybean oil, wheat protein, tapioca starch, soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt, raw cane sugar), raw cane sugar, sea salt, sesame oil, ginger slices, maltose, yeast peptone powder, natural vegan flavor, white pepper powder, chilies, basil


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