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Vegan Lamb Vindaloo

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Plant based and delicious, even non-vegans will enjoy this classic Indian dish. Vindaloo is a spicy, pungent curry originally from Goa, on the southwestern coast of India. Often served with lamb, pork or chicken, this savory dish has gained popularity throughout the world. Sure to be a popular dish at your dinner table!

10.5 Oz contains 4 servings per container 


Vegan Chicken (Mushroom stem, soybean fiber [soybean protein, wheat starch, wheat protein, soybean oil], wheat protein, soybean oil, water, soy sauce [water, soybeans, wheat, salt, cane sugar], raw cane sugar, sea salt, white pepper powder, spices),

Vindaloo sauce (fresh onions, water, fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, expeller pressed canola oil, blend of spices, garlic puree, ginger puree, fresh cilantro, salt, citric acid)


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